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I made a thing for a forum and it was my first time working with gifs, so here, Tumblr.
Lyrics from “Sail” by AWOLNATION

I made a thing for a forum and it was my first time working with gifs, so here, Tumblr.

Lyrics from “Sail” by AWOLNATION

Camp Chitaqua Playlist

It’s a WIP. 
I kind of have them in a semi-order. Some songs I didn’t know wtf to do with them so they’re just thrown in there. Definitely start with the first, though. 

Some headcanons thrown in because I can. 

  1. Devil’s Dance - Metallica
    Lucifer and Sam. 
  2. Gone Away - The Offspring
  3. Black - Kari Kimmel
    End!verse as a whole
  4. Radioactive - Pentatonix (Imagine Dragons cover)
    End!verse as a whole
  5. God is Dead? - Black Sabbath
    Castiel - Initially declining, losing his grace
  6. Down In a Hole - Alice in Chains
    Castiel - losing his grace/ lost his grace
    This song can apply to Dean, but I chose Cas because of these lyrics: “I’d like to fly / but my wings have been so denied”
  7. Silent Screams - Rob Halford
  8. Sail - AWOLNATION
    While this song contains the lyrics “This is how an angel dies” , the following “I blame it on my own sick pride” is indicative of how Dean would undoubtedly feel guilty about Cas’s decline as an angel; In Dean’s mind, Cas is in this situation because of Dean. 
  9. We’re In This Together - Nine Inch Nails
    Forming Camp Chitaqua starts to become a survivor camp
  10. Uprising - Muse
    Camp Chitaqua is well established
  11. Grounds of Divorce - Elbow
    Welcome to Camp Chitaqua
  12. Right Where It Belongs - Nine Inch Nails
    No explanation. 
  13. Children of the Damned - Iron Maiden
    "You’re the children of the damned"
  14. Lead Me Home - Jamie N Commons
    Chosen because it references a longing to go to Heaven. 
  15. Civilian - Wye Oak
    Chosen purely for sound. 
  16. Bedroom Hymns - Florence + the Machine
    Somebody’s having sex in camp, right? Or am I implying some Destiel, despite not being big on it? The world will never know. 
  17. The God That Failed - Metallica
    Another perfect, perfect song for Lucifer.
  18. Beast - Nico Vega
    Lyrical content is not 100% there, but it’s a rally. Rally for the final showdown. 
  19. We Die Young - Alice in Chains
    The final push. 
  20. Into Dust - Mazzy Star
    "Like two strangers turning into dust." Eerie, sad song. Perfect for the end of The End. 
  21. Last Man Standing - People In Planes
  22. Rooster - Alice in Chains
  23. Running Up That Hill - Placebo
    Dean, wishing he could have swapped places with Sam. 
Dean, Cas, and Sam.

Dean, Cas, and Sam.